Sunshine School in Oro Valley has been a wonderful environment for our daughter to grow and learn. The teachers and staff here are respected in the community and have decades of experience. They go above and beyond out of a true heart of love and care for the children. Thank you!


Jeremy C (Father of current Sunshiner)

I LOVE Sunshine School! Upon first glance, I thought the school looked like nothing special, but I was wrong! As soon as I met with Sue, I knew it was the place for my son. The thing I love most about Sunshine is the feeling it gives me. Sunshine is a very loving, welcoming place. I feel very comfortable leaving my son for three hours because I know he’ll be safe and that he’ll learn and have fun. On the first day of school, my son was welcomed with open arms and made to feel comfortable. Sue even hugged me at the gate and told me it would be okay. It is obvious that the staff love my son and that they love our whole family. I can’t wait for my daughter to be old enough to attend Sunshine!


April D. (mother of one current Sunshiner and one future Sunshiner)

The Sunshine School in Oro Valley has a stellar reputation among Tucson-area teachers, and for good reason. In the hands of a nurturing and loving group of teachers and staff members your curious and untamed toddler will be transformed into a successful and inquisitive student well—prepared to handle the kindergarten environment. We came to Sunshine on the recommendation of a friend who couldn’t say enough positive things about the school, and found that her glowing report was well-deserved. We were welcomed by the school’s director Sue into a wonderful, warm learning environment. Sue made me feel right at home and I knew immediately that I would be happy to entrust her with my precious child.

What initially impressed me was the way in which the students were so actively engaged in their learning, and I knew I wanted my son to be a part of that world. From the outside of the school, you would never guess that to the side and in back is a play yard to be envied, where the children can further engage their imagination while developing their gross motor skills on climbers, swings, sandboxes and bikes. In the classroom, children learn how to write their letters, both capital and lowercase,in the innovative Handwriting Without Tears program. The classroom experience is enriched by a varied and amazing selection of centers that include everything from music and foreign languages to art and life skills. The school’s library is full for both student’s and parent’s use. While your child learns about borrowing books, you have the opportunity to peruse parenting resources and guides to help you.

For me, the commute to the school was long and tedious, but in the end well-worth it. I would drive miles to have my kids benefit from such a wonderful and unparalleled learning environment. As my son continues to blossom in his kindergarten class, his teacher said to me that the best advice she could give me for my younger daughter would be to send her to Sunshine.

Rachel (mother of one Sunshine graduate and one future Sunshine student)



I’ve sent all three of my children to Sunshine starting in 1998. The experience each one of them has had has enriched their lives and got them off to a terrific start in school. In fact, my 13 year old son still talks about Sunshine fondly and eagerly recommends it to all who ask. My daughter doesn’t want to leave Sunshine for kindergarten, she considers this school hers. We will be sad to say goodbye to Sunshine in May.


Heidi V. (mother of three Sunshine graduates)



Since the first time we met Sue and her staff at Sunshine School during a tour of the school, we have been thrilled to be a member of the Sunshine School family. Our son’s teacher is a wonderful teacher and she treats our child with respect and kindness while supporting his emotional and social growth. The staff have always been positive and welcoming to us, as parents. Our son has already learned so much this year and he still has one more year! We love Sunshine School.


Norm and Jennifer (parents of one Sunshine student and 2 future Sunshine students)

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