Loving and Educating Children since 1984

Since 1984, Sunshine School has loved and educated 3, 4, and 5-year old children in the northwest Tucson neighborhoods. We are a group of educators who offer children a wide array of activities in the areas of cognition, social development, and life skills. Our goal is to develop competent children who are ready to leave Sunshine with confidence and creativity and respect for one-another. Classroom and centers' lessons are taken from our curriculum but presented to suit the needs of individual children. Visits from guest teachers (with lessons in science and Spanish and vocal music and dance, etc) provide Sunshine with an environment rich in educational opportunities.

Why Sunshine?


Over 30 years of educating and loving children has taught us a few things...


Our Extraordinary Learning Environment

 Sunshine School is located in a unique setting at the base of the Santa Catalina mountains. Founded on the idea of a one room school, Sunshine is blessed with 10K feet of outside and inside space designed for learning and growing together amongst 60+ children and a faculty of 16.

Our Focus

 We believe in age appropriate childhood education. Our teachers adapt the curriculum to fit the needs of our students. We believe in unstructured play, social development, and learning life skills.

Comfort is Critical for Learning

 Children need to feel physically, emotionally, and psychologically comfortable for learning to occur.

Enriching Our Curriculum

 Visits from guest teachers provide Sunshine with an environment rich in educational opportunities.

Class Structure

We have four classes at Sunshine, with the children grouped according to their age.
Our preschool classes are for three-year-olds, and, three-turning four-year-olds. These classes are three days a week for the young 3s (T, W, Th) and four days a week (M-Th) for our older 3s turning 4.
Our two Pre-K classes are for children who are 4 and for kiddos who are 4 and turning 5 (these children miss the deadline of turning five by August 31 to begin kindergarten. (Birthdays September- December)). These classes meet Monday through Thursday or Monday through Friday.
Our preschool day is 8:45 - 12:30.  Children may arrive anytime between 8:00 - 8:45 am for free play before structured activities begin.  Dismissal is 12:30 pm.
We do offer Extended Care until 4:00 pm Monday - Thursdays. Please contact us for tuition and Extended Care rates.