MARLA - Director

I’m Marla. I have taught here for the past 7 years. As Director, I plan to continue the essence of what Sunshine School has always excelled at: Educating and Loving Children. I have a Master’s Degree in Counseling and Education and I am the Co-Founder of Shine On Tucson.

KRISTEN - Assistant Director

Hi! I’m Kristen, Marla’s Admin Assistant and Assistant Director for Parent Support. My three daughters are Sunshine alumnae, and I began working here in 2003. I love being a part of the Sunshine family and look forward to working with you!

BEVERLY - Assistant Director

I’m Beverly, and I am Assistant Director for Support Services. I started at Sunshine in April, 2000. To me, Sunshine is a positive and nurturing environment. I am so thankful and proud to be one of the Sunshine Family.

BILLIE - Assistant Director

My name is Billie, and I am an Assistant Director. I lead the afternoon program and I also teach Science twice a month at morning centers. I began at Sunshine in August of 2002. I’m happy to be here at Sunshine and I look forward to working with your children.

classroom teachers

SUSAN - Pre-K Teacher

Hi I’m Susan! I teach the Pre-K class for older 4 and 5 year olds. I have taught in the Amphitheater Public Schools since 1980. My last 22 years at Harelson Elementary School teaching Kindergarten. I believe teachers who love teaching teach children to love learning! I look forward to working with your child.

CINDY B - Pre-K Teacher

Hi. I’m Cindy. I teach Pre-K for the 4-year-olds. I began here in 2004 and previously taught in public schools for 14 years. I enjoy exposing children to STEM activities, and teach all my students to sing, “You are my Sunshine.” My three children also attended Sunshine. I look forward to another year with your children.

LORI G - Preschool Teacher

Hi, I'm Lori. I was educated in T.U.S.D. and earned three degrees from the University of Arizona. I spent most of my work life in education at the U of A. My focus has always been on improving access to and success in education for all children. I am a trained school counselor with experience in K-12. Three of my grandchildren have attended and thrived at Sunshine School. I am thrilled to be working with your children.

ANA - Preschool Teacher

I’m Ana! I have loved the Sunshine community since both my daughters attended the school, and now I am truly blessed to be teaching the incoming 3 year olds. I believe in the importance of being kind and generous to others, and I am honored to share that message with your children, and give them an amazing first experience with school.

centers and enrichment

JULIE - Centers Team Lead

I’m Julie. Before Sunshine, I had a career in marketing and advertising. I started with Sunshine School as a parent volunteer in 2014. Now, I lead the Centers team. I enjoy working with all the wonderful children, their families, and the fantastic Sunshine staff.

JULIE S - Centers Teacher

My name is Julie S. I am a centers teacher at Sunshine School. I spent a lot of time volunteering at Sunshine School while my children attended and fell in love with the enriching program and loving staff. I am so happy to be a part of the Sunshine staff and to be able to work with your beautiful children.

BRENDA - Centers, Art, and Spanish

Hello. My name is Brenda. In addition to teaching Centers this year, I will prepare all of the art lessons for Sunshine. My goal is for the kids to love and appreciate art in a fun setting. We will also sing, play, and explore the Spanish language with my special friends, puppets Pepe and Pancho.

DAN - Instructional Aide

Hi. I’m Dan. I’m an Instructional Aide at Centers. I started at Sunshine in August of 1999. My nephew attended Sunshine in 1998, and I was invited to be a guest reader in his class. That same day, Sue asked to become a part of this unique learning environment.

CINDY M - Instructional Aide

Hi. I’m Cindy. I work as an afternoon Instructional Aide. I started at Sunshine in May of 2000. My husband and I have two children: one completing her RN degree, and our son is an officer with the Oro Valley Police Department. I can’t think of a better place than Sunshine School!

ELLEN - Kinder Readiness

I’m Ellen. I teach the Kindergarten Readiness class. I taught kindergarten for 20 years and retired in 2001. I missed the children and accepted a position at Sunshine in 2002. I believe that by providing positive experiences and encouraging children, we will build a solid educational foundation for the future.

guest teachers

My Gym - Guest Teacher

My Gym Tucson joins our Centers program every two weeks, providing fun physical activities for our children to enjoy.

KATHY - Guest Teacher

I’m Kathy. I began as a classroom teacher in August of 1988; I retired in 2000. Now, I am a guest and substitute teacher. I enjoy introducing children to gadgets and hosting cooking classes. I’ve remained at Sunshine to continue to assist and foster children’s development.