Sunshine Families,

Your time can be a valuable contribution to Sunshine School. If you shop at Fry’s Food and Drug Store or Amazon, you can support Sunshine by simply doing your shopping as usual. Grandparents or other family members who want to support your child’s school should sign up too!

We are appreciative of your continued support for our teachers and school. Sunshine is truly a non-profit, and the revenue we generate has always gone right back into school. By signing up for either of these programs, you will generate funds that will go directly to Teacher & Staff Development. Each staff member takes 18 hours of Continuing Education Credits, CPR & First Aid, Epi-Pen, Blood Bourne Pathogens Training and so much more. We do this in order to provide the best possible care for your children. The funds we generate from these programs will help us cover the costs associated with these necessary trainings.

Click below to see easy instructions to set up your Fry's and Amazon accounts to donate to Sunshine:


Frys Community Rewards  - Please note the new code for 2018-2019 and update your account. 

Amazon Smile Instructions